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Raihan JIbon
Aug 03, 2022
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Always Respect People of Different Religions and Beliefs. the Sentences in the Founding Five Principles Were Subsequently Revised Several Times Until the Version We Know Today. These Five Principles Are Equal and Lead Indonesia to Independence. During the Turbulent Period Before Indonesia's Independence, Soekarno Was Arrested Several Times, Sent to Prison, and Exiled to Various Regions Throughout the Archipelago, but He Remained Steadfast in Leading the Indonesian People's Struggle for Independence. the Most Influential Moment That Inspired Pancasila Came in 1934, When Sukarno Was Exiled to a Small Island in Flores Called Ende . During That Exile, He Had Very Limited Interactions with Other Leaders and Fighters Who Had Participated in the Revolt Against the Netherlands, So He Had Plenty of Time to Think About Indonesia, a Very executive list Large Country. Ende Ender Island Was a Small Place of About 5,000 People at the Time, Most of Them Catholic and Less Educated. Sukarno Was Initially Lonely Because He Was Separated from His Intellectual Friends, but He Slowly Began to Mingle with the Locals. Sukarno Believed in Islam, but Studied Christianity and Catholicism During His Exile, Which Made Him Aware of the Breadth and Diversity of the Indonesian People and Made Him Increasingly Believe That the Priority in the Fight for Independence Was a A United Indonesia Must Put Nationalism Before All Existing Divisions. He Also Recalled How He Consulted with His Comrades from Different Ideologies and Backgrounds During the Rebellion Against the Netherlands. in Addition, He Witnessed Firsthand the Poverty of the People of Ende Island Due to the Low Level of Education, and the Unfairness of the Indonesian People Due to the Oppression of the Dutch Colonialism. Therefore, Social Justice Is What the Real Indonesian People Are Fighting For, So That There Will Be No Poverty and Oppression in the Land of Independent I
Summer of 2020, They Walked into the Taroko Tribe That They content media