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Raihan Ali
Jul 14, 2022
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Your Tax Returns Yet? Ben: Hey Eric! Did ? Eric::no. I've Been Quite Busy These Days. How About You? Eric::no, I've Been Quite Busy These Days. How About You? Ben: Yes. I've Already Got Them Done a Few Days Ago. Last Year I Waited Until the Last Minute to Declare My Income Tax, and It Turned Out to Be a Disaster. Ben: I Filled It Out a Few Days Ago , Last Year I Dragged My Income Tax Return to the Last Minute and It Turned Out to Be a Total Disaster. Eric: Oh No! Sounds Like I Have to Speed Up! Eric: Oh No! That Sounds Like I Need to Step Up! Ben: Take Your Time. Just Remember to File Your Taxes Before the Deadline Ends. Ben: Don't Worry, Just Remember to File Your Taxes t shirt design Before the Deadline Ends. Impose / Levy Taxes the Word Tax Can Be Used in English with the Noun Tax with the Two Verbs Impose or Levy (Levy) to Form the Expression Impose / Levy Taxes. in Addition to Being Used as a Noun, Tax Itself Can Also Directly Express the Meaning of "Taxation; Taxation" in the Form of a Verb. Tax Refund Refund Has the Meaning of "Refund; Repayment", So the Compound Term Tax Refund Formed by the Combination of Tax and Refund Is the Most Common English Term for Tax Refund. If You Want to Emphasize That the Government Refunds the Tax That It Has Overpaid, It Can Be Expressed as Refund of Overpaid Tax. Another Verb Reimburse, Which Also Has the Meaning of "Repay; Return", Can Also Replace Refund, and Is Presented in the Form of Get Reimbursed for the Tax with the Phrase. Evade / Avoid Taxes Although Both Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance Can Reduce the Amount of Tax You Need to Pay, There Are Still Some Differences Between the Two. Tax Evasion Is Illegal. It Means That the Taxpayer Knows That He Should File a Tax Return Honestly,