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Jul 30, 2022
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Although he already has his own business, he still hasn't given up on the Country Email List construction site, and he shows everyone his fitness routine on the construction site almost every day. However, some people left the construction site after becoming popular. After Xiao Xie, a shopping mall that resembles Yang Shuo, became popular last year, he chose to return to the countryside to become a Sannong self-media, sharing rural life, and promoting his hometown scenic spot has become what he often does now. Even in the comment area, someone suggested that he find a team to do the content, otherwise it would be "cold". At this point, Liu Kaige, who also "run away" from the construction site, took a different path. After he established his own company, he still followed the inspirational route to shoot short videos and maintained a stable content output.. Under the team packaging, he does not have the roughness of the previous construction site, but the changeable scene also allows him to play more, perhaps this is a more suitable path for him. Short video red man illustration: Da Yin is hidden in the construction siteMarketing is a means of studying people and influencing people. The ecological environment of marketing is changing, from offline in the past to online today, but no matter how the marketing link changes, the human nature remains unchanged, and the underlying logic is not. will change. The author of this article analyzes the characteristics of online marketing and shares it with you. The essence of marketing In today's developed business society, marketing behaviors are full of our lives. Advertisements on the bus, flyers on the road, and push messages sent by an APP received on the mobile phone are all marketing behaviors.
Because there is no team packaging, his content always lacks the core theme, more like his own entertainment. content media